Things Happening
A1 poster, self initiated, 2019.
(for sale)

Artwork for a clubnight at Patronaat Haarlem.

De Dingen De Baas
Poster series for Extrapool, Nijmegen. Ongoing.

Monochromes with Dents
Sculptures of car parts and car-wrap foil, 2018

A collection of sculptures made with different car parts, named after an instagram account on which self-taken photographs of dents in car surfaces where posted. For these sculptures the photo's were printed on car wrap foil, to be stickered on stripped car doors, windows, and hoods. The titles of the individual works refer to the date of each instagram post and the car that was represented on the photo.

Een Goed Boek 2018
Poster and offset flyer for the yearly event of Ontwerp Platform Arnhem. Silkscreened by Plaatsmaken, Arnhem.

Editorial and web design for Art Partner, build by Sabine Visser

Portfolio website for fashion designer Ruby Russell. With Maarten Scherpenzeel.

Typeface and specimen. RELEASE SOON

Risoprinted invitation for the opening of my atelier in Amsterdam

Second Reading
Identity for the graduation exhibition of the 'Design, Writing and Curating Masters' (Design Academy Eindhoven) hosted by the Van Abbenmuseum. With Studio Jeremy Jansen.

Each graduate's work was represented in one spread of the exhibition handout, from which snippets were taken to create signing in the form of A0 posters for the exhibition. In that way, all graphical elements that were present in the exhibition space could be related back to the hand-out.

GDA Graduation Catalogue 2016-2017
Offset on red paper, 290 pages. With Maartje Trimpe Burger.

This small, red catalogue covers each student's graduation project, thesis design, and practical assignment. As a way of making a collective gesture with all of 2018's characeristic individuals, a photographic experiment was introduced under the name ofDelay. The idea of Delay was to have one graduate take a photo of a place related to his/her graduation process. Next, a different student takes that printed photo and combines it in his/her new photo. This would go on until all were represented. The spontanious process of Delay decided the order of the represented students by functioning as table of contents.

Meditations On a Black Circle (As Cube)
Sculpture series, wood, paint, sticker, 2017

Meditations On a Black Circle (As Cube) and Amounts at Get Them While Their Hot, Leiden, 2017

Human + Artificial Intelligence
Design for exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey, on the role of automation and artificial intelligence in art and other creative fields. With Studio Jeremy Jansen. Curated by Agata Jaworska, William Meyers, and Aisling Murray.

Co-Creativity with Machines
Design for exhibition in Lodz, Poland, on the role of automation and artificial intelligence in art and creative fields. The exbibition was first on display under the name Human + Artificial Intelligence. With Studio Jeremy Jansen. Curated by Agata Jaworska, William Meyers, and Aisling Murray.

Intersections of Value: Notions On Neutrality, Use, and Aimlessness
Graduation thesis on the effects of (and critque on) a highly economically progressive and functionality oriented capitalist society, and how the idea of aimlessness could function as potential anti-dote. To contextualize the meaning and potential of aimlessness, subthemes like value, use, boredom, efficiency, opinions and neutrality are dealth with through examples of contemporary art. Read/dowload PDF

Meditations On a Black Circle (Surfaces and Objects)
Sculpture, tin, bitumen, 2017

With a black circle as starting point the group of black forms reveils a process of transformation. The first circle (surface) has been duplicated and then bended, making a new spatial (object). Next, this shape's flat outline when viewed from above, is reproduced into a new flat surface. From here, the same process is repeated until the last shape has become too small to reproduce.

A Black Circle According to an A4
Study, wood, inkjetprint, 2017

The repetative bending and photographing of a printed black circle allows to generate, in an analog way, an infinate amount of new forms. These shapes all represent the same black circle in a different matter, carrying the history of the previous form with it. Meditations On a Black Circle (Surfaces and Objects) is the outcome of this process when repeated over and over.

Recording Conceptual Art
Redesign of the original book that was published in 1998. The book contains eleven textualized interviews recorded by Patricia Norvell around 1969, with the most prominent faces of the conceptual art movement during that time: Robert Morris, Robert Smithson, Sol LeWitt, Carl Andre, Seth Siegelaub, Joseph Kosuth, Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Dennis Oppenheim, Stephen Kaltenbach and Lawrence Weiner.

Excavation of Lamma Island
Self-initiated project, 3 booklets

Lamma Island is one of Hong Kong's larger islands, easily reached by boat from the mainland. On the 6th of november 2016, after a 2 hour walk, I found myself on a rather deserted part of the island. The day before, on a night train from Beijing to Shenzen, I had been reading some of Robert Smithson's writings, in which he elaboretly explores areas and sites textually, covering aswell their physical characteristics as much as their metaphysical ones. With his way of viewing freshly in my mind I now was on an semi-tropical island, feeling as if the island itself was a personality I had to learn to know. Its boombastic nature was every now and then abrupted by infrastructural elements which I started to document with my camera. The different locations I moved through slowly introduced me to different story-lines crossing and mingling with eachother, connected by the same place.

The more personal part of this project contains the fact my experience of time was different than usual that day. At the end of my explorations—a dead end—I found a plastified map in a tree, hung by some governmental agency to anounce the installation of electrical cables on site. Interestingly enough, the pink route marked on the map on which the cables would be placed turned out to be the exact route I had covered the hours before. I had blindly navigated myself toward a representation of the route I was walking. This non-lineair experience of time gave me the idea I had been moving backwards, arriving at my startingpoint; as if planned out.

The Absence of Sound
Handmade book, 52 pages, risoprinted in 9 colors, selected by the student jury of De Best Verzorgde Boeken 2016.

The book, published in 23 editions, shows the possibilities of an abstract typeface oriented around emphasizing negative spaces. The title suggests an analogy between sound and form, as both derive from a duality: sound & silence, form & void.

The book is devided in 4 chapters. Chapter one explains the way the forms are constructed, chapter 2 shows the ways in which the forms lead to patterns, chapter 3 elaborates on layering the shapes, and chapter 4 shows variaties on more irregular patterns. The 52 pages are completely riso-printed in 9 different colors, emphasizing the layering aspect of the work.